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They already trust us


Arnaud PEMZEC - Chairman and CEO KOMET FRANCE

Pascal has been supporting the development of the men and women of Komet France over the last 20 years. It started with the managerial training of the young leader I was when I knew him. He supported the creation and training of the management team that I put in place.

His natural empathy, his initial leadership experience and the many missions and projects that have marked his professional life make him an experienced advisor, who does not offer ready-made solutions, but will allow us to find our solutions and make our decisions in an informed way and adapted to our own values and experiences.

In addition to supporting managers, Pascal has contributed to many structuring and fundamental projects in the different growth phases of Komet in France: the establishment of an internal team of coaches for the sales force, a functional organizational structure offering a large place for transversality, a Komet academy to detect and prepare future talents…

Pascal has the versatility that allows him to approach all these subjects, but he knows his limits and can find the external specialist to support the deployment of a specific mission.

Stéphane Puis - CEO BU Fleet VIASAT Group

Pascal Boquet has been supporting the companies that I have managed for 15 years now. He successively helped me when I was CEO of Autoliv France (automotive industry), CEO of Taxirama Gamma (services to transport companies) and since 2015, CEO of Viasat France and Belgium (B2B telematics).

His contribution focused on 3 areas of expertise:

  • trainer and leader with the teams
  • coach with key people
  • adviser to help me manage sometimes critical changes

Pascal has always succeeded in bringing real added value thanks to his constantly appreciated ability to understand situations, propose keys to initiate actions and help to take a step back in critical situations. He was also able to put me in touch with people with complementary expertise.

For all these reasons, I highly recommend Pascal Boquet.

Philippe PLA - Training Manager at BPCO

Pascal BOQUET has been for over 15 years the official correspondent of Dynargie for the training of Managers of Banque Populaire Occitane. I personally followed his lessons and had the chance to rub shoulders with him in my role as Training Manager from 2014 to 2018.

A first module “management fundamentals” is intended for beginner managers when they take up their position. He gives them the practical tools and invites them to adapted behaviors. A second module is aimed at managers confirmed for 2 years “Reinforce your Management”. This module allows you to work with a more personalized management.

It is based on the experience of managers and the exchange of practices. Distance coaching completes the training. The INSIGHT Management tool is used to support these modules. More recently, a third module had been implemented with a view to collective upgrading based on the situations experienced.

Pascal BOQUET is very appreciated for his human dimension and his empathy. His facilitation experience naturally generates active listening to participants and their involvement in practical situations.

  • We have together developed a managerial library for managers, classified by theme and composed of files, operational tools, articles, training materials, etc.
  • Pascal also intervened punctually on a coaching mission for managers in difficulty

All of this work has contributed to developing a common management culture in line with the values ​​of Banque Populaire Occitane. Pascal is still involved, as part of his new structure, on behalf of Banque Populaire Occitane, in particular on young managers.

Marine TORTEL - Transformation and Strategic Projects Director LEO Pharma France

If you like to be on autopilot, go your way. Before answering your question, Pascal will make sure that it is the real right question. Before proposing tailor-made solutions, he will have at heart to understand the visible and the invisible of a subject. He does not sell dreams, he says the harshness of certain paths, he does not pretend to solve problems alone. Her energy, her curiosity and her culture are fuel for smart and “fresh” ideas, hers and also yours. Ultimate elegance …