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Certification Insights Deeper Discovery

We are a certified partner and practitioner of Insights Deeper Discovery.

certificat Insights Deeper Discovery

Certificat Insights Deeper Discovery


You know INSIGHTS Discovery, the self-knowledge tool that helps us better understand our behaviors through the color system, how we express them and which allows us to better understand the Other to better adapt to its needs and cooperate.

With INSIGHTS Deeper Discovery, you will be able to better understand your personal mechanisms to better build your professional life.

INSIGHTS Deeper Discovery: What is it?

Personal and professional growth go hand in hand. Deeper Discovery encourages us to discover what drives

us, what inspires us, what got us where we are today, and what “legacy” we want to leave in the future. Restitution work reinforces a deeper self-understanding – about our motivations and the potentialities we mobilize – and unleashes more powerful professional development.

INSIGHTS Deeper Discovery: Who is it for?

The Deeper Discovery experience reaches the core of a person’s potential – it fosters our rise above the day-to-day to look at our goals, hopes and fears, and what we want our “legacy” to be. It is a valuable tool for individuals, teams and leaders who want to maximize their potential and leave a lasting legacy. As the name suggests, Deeper Discovery takes you further.

INSIGHTS Deeper Discovery: How does it work?

The profile is at the center of a series of workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions. During the workshop, the participant has the time and space to reflect on his progress, and make long-term plans to leave a legacy that is positive, inspiring and true to his values. With a mix of individual work, group conversations and even homework, this is a work that aims to transform the way people see themselves at work, to help them appreciate the impact they are having, to prepare them to face change, and to ensure the implementation of action plans that will help them to build a legacy of which they will be proud.

INSIGHTS Deeper Discovery: What ways to use it? 

Deeper Discovery has the greatest impact when used by anyone who is in what we call a “moment of (re) definition”. It could be something positive – a new opportunity, a promotion, or an exciting challenge – but also a challenge that is a little more difficult to face.With Deeper Discovery to promote personal and professional growth:- Leaders build a legacy to be proud of- Teams make eye contact with their biggest challenges- People use their innate gifts to build career success INSIGHTS Deeper Discovery: What’s the impact? Deeper Discovery takes you to places other development tools aren’t.By encouraging the person to take a step back and truly understand their strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and fears, Deeper Discovery pushes them to unleash their potential.Using the Deeper Discovery model allows everyone to take a deep look at what really motivates them, and how they can unlock their untapped potential.Deeper Discovery is a powerful, demanding, but always compassionate way to explore the potentials within us – as an individual, a team or a leader. 


Pascal BOQUET, President and founder of ARUM AcCESs, is one of the first French-speaking consultants and coaches certified INSIGHTS Deeper Discovery. contact us for any inquiries about our INSIGHTS Deeper Discovery services :

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